Grief and Loss Counseling

At some point in life we all will experience the loss of something or lose a loved one.  You may feel alone, but please know you are not alone in your grief and there are people who care about you.  After a loss you may have experienced a variety of feelings.  You may have questioned, “What’s the point of life?” and the world becomes meaningless and overwhelming.  It is difficult to do most daily tasks.  You may have experienced anger and become easily bothered by situations you normally would not be upset by.  You may be questioning “If only….If only this happened differently. ”  And at your most depressive state, you may feel better by withdrawing from life and people.  You may spend a lot more time in bed or at home.  It can be difficult to keep living life as you once did.

Any loss that we define as significant for ourselves can cause deep pain that may never go away.   It can help to talk to a person who is trained in grief and loss to help lessen this pain and provide some support.  I am trained to help individuals in this area and would love the opportunity to help you with your grief and loss.

Some people have misperceived conceptions about counseling and question how counseling will help them.  Counselors are present, attentive, nurturing, and listen with empathy.  We do not tell you how to live your life or how to feel.

If you would like support to work through your grief, then please click here to speak to an empathetic counselor.