Highly Sensitive People

Identifying with the Highly Sensitive Person Trait (HSP) is more than having sensitive feelings or being easily hurt.  Dr. Elaine Aaron researched and named an innate trait that 20% of the population was discovered to have.  I am listed on Dr. Aaron’s website and certified to work with this population.  Also, I understand this trait well because I am an HSP.  So lets discuss what HSP is!

Dr. Elaine Aron HSP Researcher

What is a Highly Sensitive Person?

  • It impacts all areas of your life
  • Not a disorder, it is a trait
  • Reflective: they may appear quite because they are thinking deeply
  • Experience deeper feelings and empathy
  • Conscientious: Think before acting
  • Great insight
  • Need more down time away from stimulus
  • Becomes easily overwhelmed and avoids intense or violent situations
  • Distressed from new situations
  • Notice subtleties
  • Performing worse when you are being evaluated
  • Often confused with being shy, inhibited, fearful, or introverted
  • Have stronger feelings and take more time to get over these intense emotions
  • Bothered by loud noises, bright lights, strong smells, or coarse/itchy fabrics

If you believe you could have this trait, then please make an appointment to learn how to use this trait to your advantage and cope with the difficulties that can occur due to your sensitivity.

Also, take the self-test to find out if you may possible have the HSP trait.  Remember this test is not the only indicator to determine if you are an HSP.  A trained and licensed therapist will assess other areas to arrive at this determination.