About Jessica Madrid

Jessica Madrid became a counselor because she enjoys listening to people’s stories and guiding them towards more insight, clarity, and resolution in unresolved areas of their life.  She believes we all deserve to be happy and enjoy our life to the fullest.

She is extraordinarily compassionate for others and feels honored to help people process their stories in a deeper and more enlightening way.  Jessica’s life is enriched when she can help people gain insight, strength, and happiness.

She works with adults, couples, and families.  Her goal is to help our community build healthier individuals who feel  more connected to others.  Jessica is a mother and a wife and know first-hand how difficult, yet rewarding, marriage and parenting can be. She has a lot of empathy and understanding for parents and other individuals who are having a difficult time in life and relationships.

Jessica is happy to help you meet your goals, find more happiness, resolution, and connection with others.  Please contact Jessica here to discover if she would be a good counselor for you and your needs.

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