Trauma Counseling

I offer a safe listening hear to any adults who have experienced trauma.  I allow you to define what trauma is to you.  Some people are deeply wounded by things others would not be bothered by, while others have experienced tragic unimaginable life events.

Trauma can be anything that has involved a threat to your life or safety or you believe your life or safety was threatened.  Trauma can range from abuse, neglect, exposure to serious life events, and feeling alone or isolated by others.  Not having secure caretakers in our childhood can leave us with deep wounds that can affect many ashpects of our lives. 

Unresolved trauma can cause some of us to make choices and descisions that harm us.  For example, one who has endured sexual abuse can continue their life from a place of trauma and have more risky sexual behavior to no fault of their own. This risky behavior is a symptom of a deeper issue.  It is important to treat the underlying cause of the symptoms, rather than just the symptoms when you are addressing trauma.  It can take time for individuals to recovery from trauma, but counseling is helpful resource to address trauma and deeply rooted pain.

If you are ready to find comfort and talk about your story with an empathic, non-judgmental counselor, then please click here.


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