Trauma Counseling

I offer counseling services to children, adolescents, and adults who have experienced trauma.  I allow my clients to define what trauma is to them.  Some people are deeply wounded by things others would not be bothered by, while others have experienced tragic unimaginable life events.

Trauma can be anything that has involved a threat to your life or safety or you believe your life or safety was threatened.  Trauma can range from abuse, neglect, exposure to serious life events, and feeling alone or isolated by others.  Not having secure caretakers in our childhood can leave us with deep wounds that can affect many aspects of our lives.  We are not made to live in isolation. We need each other for comfort, love, and it is acceptable for us to be dependent others for some of our emotional needs. After all, these qualities are found in all healthy attachments. However, in Western society, we are taught beliefs that oppose healthy attachments, leaving many of us feeling abnormal, needy, and lacking independence.  Most of us thrive when we have someone in our lives who we can trust, rely on, and find comfort when we need support.

Children and adolescents tend to “act out,” misbehave, or withdrawal, while parents and educators are tiredly trying to address these behaviors and concerns.   Most of these unacceptable behaviors are often the symptoms of a deeper issue.  It is important to treat the underlying cause of the symptoms rather than just the symptoms.  It can take time for individuals to recovery from trauma, but counseling is a great tool to address deep issues such as trauma/

Experiencing trauma It is important to know that you are normal, and the trauma you experienced is not normal!

If you are ready to find comfort and talk about your story with an empathic, non-judgmental counselor, then please click here.


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