Benefits of Sand Tray Therapy

The grief and loss of a sibling and the anger that occurred.
The grief and loss of a sibling and the anger that occurred.

Sand Tray Therapy is an expressive and experiential therapy.  It can be used with individuals, groups, families, and people of all ages.  The process involves the client to choose objects without thought or a conscious effort and place them in a sand tray.  Essentially, the client builds a world in the sand tray using figures, objects, and symbols. This symbolic world often represents some core issue that is preventing a person from moving forward.  Sand Tray is a powerful therapy that helps people process, work through, and possibly resolve their issues in a non-threatening environment.

Benefits of Sand Tray Therapy

  • Sand tray may feel foreign or odd at first, but it is a non-threatening method, where clients can choose not to talk
  • Less sessions may be required because issues that are buried deep are often accessed quickly
  • Nonverbal clients may become more verbally expressive
  • It can help children/adults become more in-touch with their feelings and develop more words for their feelings

Who is Sand Tray Therapy for?

  • Any Age and almost ANYONE who is willing to try this method
  • Nonverbal clients: Clients can choose to not say any words during the session and still benefit from the process
  • People who have difficulty expressing themselves
  • People who enjoy expressive means of communication
The fun adventures for a child to explore!
The new wisdom and enlightenment that inspires one to enjoy life fully

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